Our Commitment to The Human Condition

Our Guiding Principles

Life is suffering. This is core to our founders belief as a buddhist. Everywhere you go, you can find suffering in some form, no matter if it is manifesting itself in the complex mechanism seen in the privileged enclclaves of the west, or if it is being seen in it’s more raw forms found it less privileged areas.

Suffering is everywhere. As a company who is taking part in the perpetually toxic machine that is capitalism, we realize that we have to walk a very fine with the projects we manage so that we do not create more suffering than we take out of the world.

Suffering cannot be avoided, but our commitment as an organization is that we will make it our universal mission to take out as much or more suffering in the world as we create.

Our Core Values

With that in mind, we have a few core values that encompass how we interact internally and as a community. These values are inflexible, and we hold ourselves and our partners to them at the highest level:

  • Integrity: We expect ourselves, and our partners to be about the things they say they are. No doublespeak, and no fakery.
  • Empathy: In a world full of suffering, we expect ourselves and our partners to show grace and forgiveness when people falter.
  • Humanity: Humans come first. Period. We do not care about your shareholders, if you put money before people, we cannot work with you.

We expect to be held to these values, and we expect to hold others to them as well.