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MarTech App Spotlight: Servicebell

Servicebell is a powerful web chat platform that goes beyond static text messages

Servicebell is a powerful web chat platform that goes beyond static text messages

In today’s fast-paced online world, capturing website visitors’ attention and converting them into leads is more critical than ever. Traditional contact forms and email submissions often result in slow response times and lost opportunities. This is where Servicebell steps in, offering a dynamic and engaging website chat solution that empowers businesses to connect with their audience instantly and convert them into satisfied customers.

Today there are a ton of in-app chat platforms solutions, and even ones that provide the promise of warm calls, but Servicebell takes those features a step further by placing you in front of web visitors from the first moment you land on the page.

What is Servicebell?

Servicebell is a powerful web chat platform that goes beyond static text messages. It integrates live video chat, AI Power Dialer, and advanced lead qualification tools to foster meaningful interactions and drive better conversions. Businesses can seamlessly embed Servicebell directly on their website, allowing visitors to connect with live agents, virtual assistants, or automated responses in real-time. This all comes together to form what they have dubbed as their Allbound approach.

Key Features of Servicebell:

  • Live Video Chat: Elevate visitor interactions beyond text with face-to-face video conversations. Build trust, understand needs better, and close deals faster through the power of visual communication.
  • AI Power Dialer:
  • Proactive Chat Invitations: Take a proactive approach by inviting website visitors to chat based on their behavior or browsing activity. Engage potential leads at the right moment and increase conversion rates.
  • Lead Qualification Tools: Ask tailored questions, collect visitor information, and automatically score leads based on their responses. Identify high-value prospects and prioritize sales efforts for maximum impact.
  • 20+ integrations: Connect Servicebell seamlessly with your existing tools, ensuring leads and chat transcripts are automatically logged and accessible for your sales team.

The potential use cases for Servicebell are wideranging, from E-commerce and lead generation to customer support, because at the end of the day Servicebell is more than just a chat tool. With its focus on on-page communication, customer experience, and data-driven insights, Servicebell empowers your teams to work together in harmony, delivering a unified and exceptional customer experience at every stage.

How does Servicebell differ from tools like Intercom?

While tools like Intercom are great for proactive support, when you need something for proactive sales then you need something a bit more focused than just a simple chatbot. In the past, the only option for this was something like Drift, but Servicebell has bundled many of the features Drift has and more, for a fraction of the cost. Servicebell allows you to nurture leads efficiently, qualify them effectively, and convert them into customers faster through on-page video conversations.

This allows your team to deliver on their targets through boosted sales productivity, higher close rates, and increased revenue. These are features that Intercom lacks overall, as it is built more for support than proactive selling.

Who is ServiceBell an excellent fit for?

ServiceBell is a platform built for companies who have strong inbound, and a team dedicated to converting it. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B or B2C, but you should have either 50-1000 employees, or a recent funding round. They support either Hubspot or Salesforce, and can connect to over 20+ of the apps and services you use daily.

If you’re part of a GTM team that boasts a strong inbound motion and you want to try one of the most unique tools for engaging with warm buyers on your site, go ahead a create a free account!

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